14. September bis 19. October 2007

Opening 14. September 2007, 19–22 Uhr


The most distinguished task of art for Paul Klee was to render the invisible visible. This bon mot has not only remained as a citation - art deals with visualization up to today: there might be worlds between Paul Klee and the artists invited for the exhibition #1, between their artistic motivations possibly not.
The works shown in #1 follow this phenomenon of the „obviously invisible“ – and ask: What under the first layer of life is still present in our fast-moving presence and forms us; the life, the art? What is invisibly visible? What is important: no moral question forms the basis of #1. There are the aesthetic possibilities of a morally often far constricted art which are of interest. According to Jean Baudrillard: »The event is not only strengthened in the picture, but is taken hostage at the same time. It is not only indefinitely multiplied as a copy in media, but also scattered and neutralised at the same time.« (from: The Mind of Terrorism). Which signs and impressions/ imprints then, does such a worked up and consumed event leave at all? And which traces do those events that do not forget, but (collectively as well as in media) were displaced leave?

Wiebke Elzel / Jana Müller

Sven Johne
Walid Ra´ad
Natalia Stachon
Tim Sharp

In occasion of the exhibition #1 an Edition by Jana Müller und Wiebke Elzel is available.


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